Thursday, July 24, 2008


Okay, so there is a story behind the TSINGTAO beer. I first tried this one last year while traveling in China (Sept/Oct 2007). It was the most popular beer around when I was there. Then a couple of weeks ago we traveled over to England to visit some friends, and wouldn't ya know it, there was a bottle of TSINGTAO on the shelf at their grocery store. Of course, I had to have it to add to my beer tasting site list! This beer is "internationally known as the best beer in China" - as it states right on the bottle. It's brewed and bottled by TSINGTAO Brewery Co in QINGDAO China. It's a must try, and a pretty good beer taste too. Just leaves a little after taste, but nothing you can't handle!

by Majestic

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

KARLSKRONE Premium Pilsener

KARLSKRONE - I have to say that this smelled a little funny when I opened the bottle and started to drink it. Maybe it's the plastic bottle??? Must be just the bottle, because the beer actually tastes pretty darn good! One of my favorites so far. It was bought at a local market (Aldi) in Koln Germany. Oh, and perhaps the good taste was due to bottle in one hand & awesome shortbread cookies in the other!!! You should try this some time.

by Majestic

Monday, July 21, 2008

Beck's Gold

hmmmm....Beck's Gold (Bremen Germany). Bought this one at the local market (Penny Mart) in Koln Germany. Not too much of a unique taste with this one, but it is quite bitter. Was not bad, but not a fav on my taste tester chart!
by Majestic

Friday, July 18, 2008

5,0 Original

Yup, that's the name on the can - "5,0 Original". I think we may have actually stumbled upon the least expensive beer in Germany. The local market (Rewe) has this plane jane can of beer; what we are calling "no name brand" beer. The cost, are you ready for this...... 0.35 euro per can! WOW!!! It's 5.0 percent alcohol, tastes good, and has absolutely no after taste. We took a chance on this one last night as we were walking back from a concert at the nearby church that was put on by University of Koln! Great concert too by the way!!!
Definitely worth it to check this out!
by Majestic

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Spitfire Premium Kentish Ale

Check out the bottle itself. Pretty cool looking. Nothing like the beer bottles back in the US. Spitfire is a pretty heavy tasting beer, but has a good taste and smells good when you open the bottle! It also has a nice amber (brown) color to it.

A little history for you book worms....this beer was "first brewed in 1990 to celebrate the Battle of Britain which was fought in the skies of Kent England 50 years earlier". Brewed in Britain's oldest brewer Faversham Kent which is about 300 years old.

by Majestic

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Ruddles English Ale

This is a very bitter Ale originally brewed in England's smallest country of Rutland. The back of the bottle says caramel and toffee taste, but it sure does not taste like candy to me, and I love my caramel candy!!! Bought this one while we were in England a few weeks back, and tasting it along with our chicken dinner tonight! Okay for a taste test, but I couldn't drink the entire bottle!
by Majestic

Friday, July 11, 2008

Pilsner Urquell

This Pilsner Urquell is bottled, and brewed in PLZEN CZECH. It's not a heavy feeling beer, but does have a strong lingering after taste.
by Majestic