Monday, June 30, 2008

Reissdorf Kolsch

As soon as you see the word Kolsch, you probably know right away, it's German! Yes, another German beer, but a good one at that. Reissdorf Kolsch leaves a really sweet taste with you as it goes down smooth. We tried this one on the park bench as we took a short break from our bike ride on the outer circle of Koln.
by Majestic

Sunday, June 29, 2008


The bottle we bought of Leikeim Original Landbier actually had a little soccer ball attached as the bottle cap here in Germany. Perhaps to celebrate the football season. Great marketing idea huh! Very good tasting beer. Definitely a thumbs up for me, and not just because of the cool cap either!!!
by Majestic

Original Budweiser Bud Var

Tasting this in Germany, but it's a Czech imported lager. Tastes a bit like a bud, but a little heavier. I'm not partial to the heavy beer, but this does have a good taste.
by Majestic

Saturday, June 28, 2008


Same ol same ol beer taste with Adelskronen. No special taste here, but cheap and good to drink. Found this one pretty cheap at the local market in Koln Germany this past week.
by Majestic


Germany has so many beer flavors to choose from. This is the DOM KOLSCH, which you can find here in Koln, no problem. Especially while watching the Spain vs Russia football (aka soccer) game like we did this past week. A little on the sweet side, so not dry. There is a bit of an after taste to this one. Enjoyable beer.
by Majestic

VELTINS Pilsener

Veltins Pilsener is another we bought in Germany at the local market. Good pick this Pilsener is for any day of the week! This one has a really fresh, crisp taste. It's really as simple as that. Definitely a thumbs up according to my taste!
by Majestic

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Got this one for a discounted price at a local store (Rewe) in Koln Germany. Was on special for about .98 euro. Can't beat that price! It's a dark beer with a sweet honey taste. At least I think it's honey??? You'll have to taste this one and let me know what you taste.
by Majestic

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Gaffel Kolsch

We took a ride from Koln Germany to a town called Kommern. Only about an hour drive from Koln. There is a display of old villages dating back to 1500's. Some cool stuff to see if you are into historical sites! Fun for a few hours of walking on a nice sunny day too. We stopped at the restaurant within the villages and had some awesome potato soup and a Goffel Kolsch. This beer is from Germany of course. It's somewhat bitter, but still drink-able! It goes down pretty smooth, almost like water. Maybe that's why all the pubs and cafes in Koln area always packed with people. This is a good pick for all beer drinkers and it's served all over Germany.
by Majestic

Friday, June 20, 2008


Another from Poland. This one is for all of the strong, heavy beer drinkers who like a strong after taste. Note the high 7% alcohol too. I tasted this one with dinner. Oh, and interesting enough, I was told that MOCNE means strong. So there it is.....

by Majestic

Volt Original

Got this one in Poland again! Sitting at our apartment here in Koln tonight because the weather is not so great outside. Hey, by the way everyone is watching football (aka soccer right!) This has your same 'ol beer taste with a little zing at the end, but no after taste. No problem consuming because it's a good one. Now, just thought I'd let you know that I enjoyed tasting this one along with my cheese & crackers, pretzels, cheese puffs, and the pringles!!! Any beer drinker would enjoy this one.

by Majestic


Strong beer, from Poland, with 7% alcohol. This beer definitely has a 'strong' taste for a light beer. I actually has a sweet after taste. Certainly does have a unique taste just as the can indicates on the front "unikalny smak". Unfortunately, not a fav in my book!

by Majestic

Thursday, June 19, 2008


LECH is a Polish beer. Purchased in Poland and brought back to Germany for tasting. This beer smells good, and goes down pretty smooth. It does have a bit of an after taste though. Seems they have some good beer in Poland! Definitely worth tasting if you find this one near you.
by Majestic

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Here's a third one purchased in Poland over June 13-15 weekend. Good fresh beer smell, if beer can smell fresh!! Has your typical beer taste. This is a good one for anyone to try. Slides down really smooth too. I'm sure you'll like it!
by Majestic


Another that was bought in Poland last weekend. Now this one sits really heavy in the stomach, but has a really nice natural beer taste. It's definitely worth a try! Oh, and here's an interesting fact about this beer.....7% alcohol.
by Majestic


Bet ya haven't seen this one around town lately. We ventured to Poland last weekend June 13-15, and bought a few to bring home for tasting. This had a strange fiz sensation going down for some reason. Perhaps it was because we drank it slightly warm! Duh, should have been chilled in the frig for sure! Other than that, it's a good beer taste, and not dry. So go for it!!!
by Majestic

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager

Tyskie Gronie Premium Lager (original brewing recipe as it says too) is from Poland. It's said to be one of Poland's best. A little on the sweet side of the spectrum, and good in my book. Got this one when we were in Poland.

by Majestic


Harnas has the all natural crisp beer taste. No after taste which is great! I enjoyed this one along with some pork chops (or schnitzel as they call it here in Germany), and potato salad. Brought this one back from a trip to Poland in May. Harnas reminds me just a little of Bush beer that my dad used to drink back home in US.

by Majestic


Bought this one when we were in Poland. Popular Polish beer, but has a strange heavy tangy after taste to me. So, I was thinking just get some really salty popcorn or nuts to eat along with this beer, and then the after taste is not so bad!

by Majestic

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Vulkan Brau

Everyone knows the story behind German beer, it's just the best, right!!! Well, I am sad to report that I didn't like this one much at all. It has a heavy and thick taste to me. Not one of my favorite beer tastes, but worth the trip we took to Mendig Germany's VulkanPark for tasting. It's not too far from Koblenz, where you can do some castle tours / sight seeing, and also nearby Maria Laach (beautiful lake and church scenic area).

The really cool thing about this beer is that it comes from a brewery that gives tours of the Lava Dome (volcanoes) where the beer was brewed many years ago. There are many other attractions to see too.

Well....we had to take at least one of the 2l jugs home.
by Majestic